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A Split in Time

His parents chose to put his brother in the urn.

Fifteen-year-old Warren Renner fantasizes about living alone in the forest on the edge of small-town Tamarack—no gym class, no yelling, and no death threats. His suicidal best friend, Tanner, fantasizes about getting high for the first time, and insists Warren come with him.

But when a lightning strike breaks up their party, a murderous old man tries to keep Warren from discovering a parallel time line where his parents don’t yell at each other, no one at school is trying to kill him, and his brother is still alive.

Now, Warren must choose between the depression and loss he has always known, and a world where nothing ever goes wrong. Which would you choose?


Available Summer 2018

The Adelcrantz Nightmare

In his nightmare, Brendon McCallister has buried someone in a box.

Twenty-five years have passed since Brendon last saw his dear Uncle Lloyd, and when he gets a job interview near his uncle’s estate, he turns the trip into a reunion. With his teenage daughter, Felicity, he travels to the Pacific Northwest in hopes of building a better life.

But his uncle isn’t the same, and neither is the estate. Electric fences hide behind branches, and a tower looms over the courtyard. The pond Brendon skipped rocks across as a child has been filled in, and a loneley swing moves on its own. Lloyd leers at Brendon and wanders from room to room at odd hours, checking the locks on the doors and windows.

Now, Brendon must untangle his uncle’s past and confront his own, or Felicity will be forced to stay on the estate forever.

Someone is buried in a box, and she wants out.

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